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What our customers say about us

Here's what people are saying about Massassa Medical House Calls.


           I thought for sure my wife and I were headed to an Assisted Living Facility. For many months we could not get out to go and see the doctor. We are both no longer able to drive. Plus the amount of time it takes us be seen by our doctor in her office. (5 hours). We were consumed with the eventual loss of our home, our pets and many other things. Then we heard about Massassa Medical House Calls! It was too good to be true what they said about how they could help us stay out of the nursing home, ALF, emergency room and hospital all for the exact same amount of money we spend to see our primary care doctor!! To this day we are enjoying the comfort of our home, we have ceased to agonise over the nursing home placement, ALF placement. phhhhewwww. thank you Massassa!
Chris Muratori


          Call Massassa Medical if you are no longer capable of making an appointment to see your doctor, remembering to go to the doctors, or simply going in and out of the hospital. That was me before I was referred to Massassa Medical by a neighbor. Believe it or not, the cost is the same as I paid my regular doctor in his office. It is too good to be true to have such a service in your very own house. Call them. Thank you Massassa Medical
Tom Dowd

   Good affordable health care in my home. My nurse practitioner Emma sees me once a month. She comes in, faithful as the sun every month. She takes all the time with me. Knows me. really knows me and my health. For that. I am grateful
Isaac Cusmano

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